In mid-November, in the framework of the project " Strengthening human resource, training and research capacity for Hanoi School of Public Health, 2014 - 2016" sponsored by The Atlantic Philanthropies, EXAMINATION AND QUALITY ASSURANCE SECTION, HSPH held 02 training courses: "Building a strategic plan for programs and teaching methods based on capability " taken place on 17-18 November and "PDCA Approach to curriculum design and development" held on 21-22 November for HSPH lecturers.

Ass.Prof. Le Quang Minh presented at workshops

During the training, the faculty of the school was attended four sessions under the guidance of foreign and domestic experts like Dr. Le Quang Minh - former deputy director of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Director of the Institute of Management University, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City and Mr. Johnson Ong Chee Bin - AUN experts from Singapore.

Mr Johnson Ong Chee Bin – experts from AUN-QA

The objective of this training program is to introduce to the staff / faculty an overview of curriculum design and teaching methods based on capacity, which went into practice - discussion groups to extend from the overview frame to the practical application for teaching.

Learning methodology based on case-based situation SBL and PBL has been developed and applied in teaching. Currently, HSPH is expanding the application of new methods - teaching competency-based training for the student towards the capacity of public health's core programs, innovative teaching methods more proactive and positive. The training with the participation of domestic and foreign experts having experience in designing training programs, completing self-assessment and moving towards standards Asean region.

Lecturers with presentation, discussion in training

Method PDCA (Plan - Do - Check - Act) was introduced in the training step by step and the faculty has the opportunity to discuss and practice with experts on Bloom's taxonomy, the analysis of stakeholders in the design process, the teaching and learning strategies, principles of assessment and evaluation methods in general ...


Ass. Prof. Nguyen Thanh Huong - Vice Dean in training



Finishing training photo


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